Sunday 14 September 2014

Accessing the Future is pro-paying; stretch goals

Newsflash: Accessing the Future will be a full-length, pro-rate paying anthology of disability-themed science fiction! Thanks to all of our lovely supporters, the fundraiser reached $7000 this morning.

After paying fees and honoring all the rewards for the fundraiser, we will now have enough funds to produce an anthology of a little over 65,000 words of fiction, paid at 6¢/word, to pay our cover artist Robin E. Kaplan a fair artist fee, and to print off a few dozen review copies of the finished anthology next year.

But let's see how much further we can go! We still have over three days to raise more funds, and there are still story critiques, book bundles, and the opportunity to have a character named after you in a future short story by Lyda Morehouse, to be claimed. Or you can just pre-order the anthology itself. We have more stretch goals, which will be activated if we reach there further targets by September 16th:
  • At $8000 we will commission internal, black and white illustrations for the anthology.
  • At $9000 we will increase the wordcount to about 80,000 words (thus giving everyone who has pre-ordered even better value for money than they thought!)
Even if we don't quite make these goals, every penny we receive in this fundraising phase will go into making the anthology bigger and better.

The call for stories for Accessing the Future will open on Wednesday, September 17th, just after the end of the fundraiser.

You can claim one of the perks or pre-order the anthology at

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