Thursday 11 October 2018

Giveaway: post images of ancient magic

Our friends at the Institute of Classical Studies (who helped fund and publish the Making Monsters anthology), and our co-editor Emma Bridges, are running another public engagement event at the end of this month—on Hallowe'en, no less!—on the theme of Ancient Magic. (See poster to right for registration information: it's free, but booking is required.)

You may remember that the monster-themed anthology came out of a similar public event last year ("Why do we need monsters?"), so we have fond memories and high hopes for this evening!

To celebrate the Ancient Magic event, which will include presentations as well as hands-on activities, and will be family-friendly, we are offering a free paperback copy of the Making Monsters anthology as a prize in the social media image contest. Simply post an image (it can be an archaeological object, ancient or modern artwork, painting, character, or your own work) that makes you think of ancient magic, with the hashtag #ICSmagic by midnight on Wednesday Oct 17th, and tell us why you like it, and we'll choose a winner right after that. There are some examples there already, if you're looking for ideas of the sort of thing that might work.

(I note that they're encouraging ancient magic-themed fancy dress at the Hallowe'en event, so maybe they're looking for inspiration for costumes in the images people send!)

Monday 1 October 2018

Making Monsters Micro-interviews round-up

The month-long Making Monsters promo carnival ended last week, having seen a dozen or so interviews and guest posts, various games and giveaways on social media, a launch party in London with monster costumes and a monumentally impressive cake sculpted into a facsimile of the book cover!

We also ran a micro-interview (2-3 questions, short answers) with one of the authors or contributors almost every day. Because I know FB isn't always the easiest platform to navigate back several weeks, I've gathered links to all of the micro-interviews below.
Please share or comment on anything you particularly enjoy, feel free to post follow-up questions (there or here), or respond to any of the stories or essays if you've already read the anthology. (And if you haven't buy it here!)