Thursday 5 February 2015

Accessing the Future TOC

At last, we can share with you the authors and titles of stories that will appear in the Accessing the Future anthology, exploring disability through speculative fiction, edited by Kathryn Allan and Djibril al-Ayad (with guest commentary from JoSelle Vanderhooft and Derek Newman-Stille). Also, go over to the Accessing the Future press page and check out the  g o r g e o u s  cover art by Robin E. Kaplan, aka the Gorgonist!
  • Nicolette Barischoff “Pirate Songs”
  • Sarah Pinsker “Pay Attention”
  • Margaret Killjoy “Invisible People”
  • Joyce Chng “The Lessons of the Moon”
  • Samantha Rich “Screens”
  • Sara Patterson “A Sense All its Own”
  • Kate O'Connor “Better to Have Loved”
  • Toby MacNutt “Morphic Resonance”
  • Louise Hughes “Losing Touch”
  • Jack Hollis Marr “into the waters i rode down”
  • Petra Kuppers “Playa Song”
  • A.C. Buchanan “Puppetry”
  • A.F. Sanchez “Lyric”
  • Rachael K. Jones “Courting the Silent Sun”
  • David Jón Fuller “In Open Air”
In addition to these stories, we will include eight pieces of freestanding artwork, illustrations that tell stories of their own on the theme of the anthology. Our wonderful artists are:
  • Fabian Alvarado
  • L.E. Badillo
  • Jane Baker
  • Comebab
  • Pandalion Death
  • Rachel Keslensky
  • Vincent Konrad
  • Tostoini