Tuesday 4 April 2023

New issue 2023.65

“The right kind of resistance is peaceful, because that’s where we win. We’re not going to beat them at violence. They’re very, very good at violence. We’re not. We win through nonviolence. That’s really the only way we can win.”

—Tortuguita (aka Manuel Paez Terán)

[ Issue 2023.65; Cover art © 2023 Sarah Salcedo ] Issue 2023.65

Flash fiction

Short stories



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Ujjvala Bagal Rahn said...

‘Solarpunk Letters: Seeds of Change’ - what a joyous piece! In the interview with the author, Joyche Chng noted that "solarpunk ... makes us envision a better future, rather than cry about doom all the time." I looked at that stunning Chobani ad that was linked in the interview. I am going to look for more solarpunk!

Ujjvala Rahn said...

Sorry about the anonymous last comment - it was from me!!