Wednesday 27 January 2021

New issue: 2021.56

“Per tal que ningú no oblidi la teva lluita incondicional per un món millor”

—Epitaph for Gerda Taro (1910–1937)

[ Issue 2021.56; Cover art © 2021 Eric Asaris ]Issue 2021.56

Flash fiction



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Lynne Sargent said...

Amazing issue all around! I love how The Future Fire pushes the boundaries of sff. I in particular loved Gendered Anatomy by R.E. Andeen and How to Dismantle a Defective Sex Droid by Ashley Bao.

Mark Sabol, Ph.D said...

Gendered Anatomy blew me away as well. I've read it at least 5 times. The whole issue is really good.

Djibril said...

Charles Payseur over at Quick Sip Reviews reviews this issue of TFF, commenting favourably on all of the stories and a few of the poems. Insightful and positive comments all around, I think (and a useful set of content warnings and "grimness rating" for those who would find that useful).

Djibril said...

Vanessa Jae lists Lynne Sargent’s “The Risk of Embarking” in Spec Rec #212 (for Jan 2021), among a bunch of other wonderful speculative stories and poems.

Anonymous said...

A condemnation, a stone thrown at a giant.

k.a. (birthright) by Lam Ning stood out to me. Haven't read any stories like this one--both because of the style which is somehow sparse yet rich, and the subject matter: mecha combined with the plight of refugees and the stateless.

Djibril said...

Karen Burnham over at Locus Short Fiction Reviews mentions the three prose stories in this issue, saying nice things about “Gendered Anatomy”, as well as calling “k.a. (birthright)” ‘not a comforting read, but very well told’, and especially recommends “The Listener”, which she calls ‘a solid story with the fantastic element played with excellent extrapolation.’ (As far as I can see she doesn't review poetry.)

Djibril said...

Adri Joy over at Nerds of a Feather has good things to say about both k.a. (birthright) (“a really interesting story about struggling to survive”) and The Listener, with some insightful readings.