Thursday 8 October 2020

New issue: 2020.55

“Now is the time to warrior up and empower each other to take a stand for our planet. We need to sustain the little we have now, and develop ways not to pollute the environment, and sustain relationships with Mother Earth and save what we have left.”

—Autumn Peltier

Issue 2020.55

[ Issue 2020.55; Cover art © 2020 Pear Nuallak ]Short stories



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Djibril said...

Adri Joy over at Nerds of a Feather Flock Together reviews the short stories in TFF#55. She particularly praises "Mijara's Freedom", "We Will Become as Monsters" and "Know They Will Die, under the Salt of It," and observes that – all of which deal in some form with identity and community, particularly family relationships.

Djibril said...

Alex Brown's monthly round up of must-read speculative short fiction at, recommends Rhianwen Phillips’ “Scaled Soul,” calling it “a powerful yet brief story about a woman who finds her strength and learns to fight back.”