Sunday, 19 January 2020

New Issue 2020.52

“No, our fight to save the planet didn't start today with the #ClimateStrike and it doesn't end today either. Many of us have been putting in the work for years to save our planet. Don't just amplify our voices today but every day, and support our solutions to save us.”

—Mari Copeny (“Little Miss Flint”)
[ Issue 2020.52; Cover art © 2020 Grace P. Fong ]

Issue 2020.52

Flash fiction
Short stories
Full issue and editorial

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Gabrielle Bleu said...

The stories and poems in this issue are all amazing. I love the illustrations as well, particularly the horse in the Third Angel Poured and the tea gathering in Wasteland Review.

J S Collyer said...

Lovely fiction, particularly the Lime Monster