Making Monsters

Making Monsters
A Speculative and Classical Anthology

2018, Publishing
Edited by: Emma Bridges and Djibril al-Ayad
Stories by: Megan Arkenberg, Catherine Baker, Rachel Bender, L. Chan, Barbara Davies, Alexandra Grunberg, Neil James Hudson, Barbara E. Hunt, Tom Johnstone, Hunter Liguore, George Lockett, Misha Penton, Hester J. Rook, Huw Steer, Danie Ware, Valentine Wheeler
Poetry by: H.A. Eilander, Barbara E. Hunt, Margaret McLeod
Essays by: Maria Anastasiadou, Liz Gloyn, Margrét Helgadóttir, Annegret Märten, Hannah Silverblank and Valeria Vitale
Afterword: Professor Mathilde Skoie (University of Oslo)
Cover artist: Robin Kaplan

We have always made monsters: in art, in myth, in religion; out of clay or bronze, pixels or hybrid flesh; from the stuff of human nightmares; by cursing women with bestial traits. This anthology brings together fiction and accessible academic writing in conversation about monsters and their roles in our lives—and ours in theirs.

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Praise for Making Monsters
  • “…elegantly show[s] how we’re still using monsters to make sense of our fears and our dreams.”
    Helen King
  • “I had not expected to be as emotionally moved by the monsters as I was when I read through this volume.”
    Mathilde Skoie
  • “an enjoyable read, containing elegant and stimulating works, the creativity of which is a testament both to the authors themselves and to the monsters with which, for all our 21st-century sophistication, we continue to be fascinated.”
    Lisa Maurice

Cataloguing information:

Emma Bridges and Djibril al-Ayad (eds.), Making Monsters: A Speculative and Classical Anthology. Publishing, 2018. Pp. vii + 220. ISBN (print) 978-0-9957265-0-5; (electronic) 978-0-9957265-1-2. Price £10.00/c. $13.00.