Monday 14 November 2016

Virtual pirate fest!

© J.J. at the English language Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0
Ahoy there, me skullduggerin’ hearties!

You may already have seen the campaign for Piracity: an anthology of pirate-themed SFF stories from authors in Bristol and the Caribbean, edited by Joanne Hall and Roz Clarke and to be published by Wizard’s Tower Press if successful. It’ll be a great project, and you should of course back it if you can afford to, to get the chance to read some lovely stories.

Never one to pass up an opportunity to have fun while spreading word about a good project at the same time, we’re going to hold a virtual pirate fest next weekend. Would you like to join us?

We’ll have some kind of party, perhaps in a pub, perhaps in someone’s house, where some of us dress/act/talk like pirates, just for the laugh. We’ll post pictures to social media, so others can join in wherever in the world you all are. We’ll mention the #Piracity hashtag and/or the link to the Kickstarter as we go, so our friends know what we’re partying about. If you want to play, feel free to organize your own party, tell us about it if you like, and post your own pictures to the same hashtag on Twitter, FB, Tumblr, or your social media of choice (with the link somewhere in the thread if possible). Let us know, and we’ll repost you at some point over the weekend as well. It’s only a virtual fest if we all play and have fun together!

(By the way, we do realize that some of you will be marking Trans Day of Remembrance this weekend. Indeed, Cheryl Morgan, who owns Wizard’s Tower, will be attending TDoR ceremonies in Bath and Bristol on Thursday and Friday night. We fully understand and respect the need of the trans community to mark this important occasion. Cheryl tells us that after two very sombre events she could do with a night of relaxation at the weekend. If others among you have a similar need to unwind we’re happy to provide an excuse.)

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