Sunday 3 August 2014

Blog hop: Accessing The Future Fiction

Guest post from Jo Thomas

The Future Fire are crowdfunding another science fiction anthology, this time focussing on the issues that come with disability—and the intersections with other issues such as race, gender, sexuality, class, etc, as our friendly socio-politcal SF magazine are wont to do. You may have noticed the blog about it here:

In order to help explain why such an SF discussion is necessary, the editors (Djibril al-Ayad and Kathryn Allan) brainstormed a bit of a blog hop with a bit of help from Jo Thomas ( and Dylan Fox (

We've set up the questions so they can be asked of both writers and readers:
  1. Tell us about your Work In Progress (WIP) / Current Read (CR) and the world it's set in.
  2. Who are the most powerful people in this world?
  3. Where does their power come from?
  4. What physical and/or mental characteristics underpin their positions of power?
  5. How does this affect the weakest people in the world?

Jo has launched the "Accessing The Future Fiction" blog hop at

If you want to take part and you haven't been nominated, please do so. All that we ask is that you post a comment on this post so that others can find your part of the "Accessing The Future Fiction" blog hop and that you mention the Indiegogo fundraiser in your preamble! It would be nice if you could link in some other victims volunteers to carry on the blog hop, too.

And if reading this or taking part means you want to help fund some more inclusive fiction, follow this link here:

Edited to add: The anthology is now fully funded. As people are still showing an interest in the blog hop, would any future bloggers please link to the Call for Stories ( instead of the Indiegogo page?


David Gillon said...

Here's my contribution: Accessing the Future from the Graveyard Shift

Allegra Hawksmoor said...

Here you go!

Nick Wood said...

Good Luck. My Blog Hop is here:

Djibril said...

Also, Dylan Fox has entered the blog hop here:

Ro Smith said...

Here's mine - talking about my superhero WiP:

Jessica Meats said...

I was nominated by Rhube for this. My post is here:

Joseph said...

And my contribution:

Anonymous said...

Here's mine.

Alyssa said...

Here I am.

Rachel A. Brune said...

Posted Part One yesterday (interview with co-editors):

Posted Part Two today (questions re: WIP/Current Read):

Rick Novy said...

I finally wrote up my blog hop entry. You can find it here: