Tuesday 27 September 2011

The Future Fire is open to fiction

The Future Fire, a magazine of social-political speculative fiction with an emphasis on the progressive and inclusive, is open to fiction submissions as of today. Please see our Submission Guidelines for information on how to submit. Please report our response times and outcomes to Duotrope's Digest; this will help keep us honest, and be useful for other authors to know what to expect.

For more on what sort of fiction we're looking for, have a look at some of the guest posts on various subgenres, topics and themes that we've been posting here every day this month (see below for the full alphabetical list).

A is for Alternate History
B is for Borgesian
C is for Cyberpunk
D is for Dystopian
E is for Eco-SF
F is for Feminist SF
G is for Gestalt
H is for Hardcore Horror
I is for Identity Crisis
J is for Juvenile
K is for Kafkaesque
L is for Low Fantasy
M is for Magical Realism
N is for Noir
O is for Occultists
P is for Postapocalypse
Q is for Queer SF
R is for Race in SF
S is for Surrealism
T is for Transhumanism
U is for Uploaded Minds
V is for Vampires
W is for World SF
X is for X-Rated SF
Y is for Young Adult
Z is for Zombie

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