Thursday 30 December 2010

Indie/Small Press YA publishers of genre

So I've been wondering for a while if there are many small presses that publish genre novels for a young adult readership. (By "genre" I mainly mean speculative and weird, or sci-fi/fantasy/horror, if you prefer.) My main interest is that I'd like TFF to move in the direction of reviewing children's and YA literature in addition to the material we currently cover, and we focus on the small and indie press. Others will have different uses for this information (if they're writers, readers, artists or publishers themselves, say). And that said, I don't know what we'll actually do with this list when we have it.

I should confess I haven't been looking very hard; I asked around on Twitter a few weeks ago, and I've done a bit of Googling and browsing Duotrope, so I bet I've missed plenty. (Not checked Litmags, Ralan or E-Zines, for example. Not looked at the Writers' and Artists' Yearbook.) But I thought I'd post the results of my first trawl to see what others can add.

Here's the preliminary list of small or indie presses who seem to have interest both in YA novels and in speculative/weird fiction (except where noted, I've not always yet been able to ascertain that they have published anything that is both at once; bolded titles seem the most focused on the combination in question).
We'd be very grateful to be told of any omissions from this list, or anything I've erroneously included. (I have consciously excluded any press that explicitly rejects any LGBT or "alternative" content, or that seems only or primarily to deal in religious/spiritual material.)


Jodi Lee (Morrighan) said...

Belfire Press does, but we're booked solid with only a very few titles in our forthcoming lineup that match a YA crowd. I believe I have you on our reviewers list already, but I'll make special note for those titles. :)

Djibril said...

Yes of course, we had this conversation a few weeks ago. Sorry I forgot to include you in the list. We may move this to a more permanent page some time, at which point you will be included. :-)

alex b. said...

Have you looked at Angry Robot? It's a small genre publisher, though I saw a display of them at Barnes & Noble not too long ago so maybe not that small. Not sure if it's Young Adult.

Here it is:

Johann Carlisle said...

And of course don't forget the wonderful Scape Magazine--short speculative fiction with a YA focus.