Tuesday 26 December 2023

Micro-interview with L.E. Badillo

Welcome, L.E. Badillo, artist of “Crumb Cutie Exodus” in The Future Fire #67, for one of the last micro-interviews of 2023!

Art © 2023, L.E. Badillo

TFF: How did you go about illustrating “Crumb Cutie Exodus”?

L.E. Badillo: “Crumb Cutie Exodus” was a lot of fun to work with. Bernie Jean Schiebeling provided some really great visuals for this. There were a few ideas I didn't have enough time to explore but went with the ones I felt strongest about. Trying to capture the moment when the ’Cuties escaped from the ship was key as well as the feeling of dread with the bonfire before the realization that they were in fact alive.    
TFF: What is the most terrifying thing about the sea?

LEB: There is so much about the sea that is awesome and terrifying. It's one thing to swim in a pool and another to find yourself unable to touch ground or see below you. With the discoveries of long thought extinct sea creatures happening with some regularity, it's not hard to let your imagination get the better of you. I prefer showers to baths thank you very much.

TFF: What else are you working on now?

LEB: I'm currently pouring my energies into working as a storyboard artist. This is a really fun field to work in and not far from illustrating for stories since you work from scripts. You can see my latest work at https://www.elbad.net/boards.html.

Reminder: You can comment on any of the writing or art in this issue at http://press.futurefire.net/2023/10/new-issue-202367.html.

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