Tuesday 22 February 2022

Micro-interview with P.L. Salerno

We are joined by P.L. Salerno, author of “I’m Fine” in The Future Fire #60

TFF: What does “I’m Fine” mean to you?

PLS: “I’m Fine” is important to me, especially because it was the first short story I had completed after starting stories and then not being happy with how they progressed. I started “I’m Fine” with a half-formed idea about a person coughing up random objects, but it took shape as I continued to write, and I’m very satisfied with the finished product.

TFF: What are you working on next?

PLS: Right now, I'm working on writing more short stories and submitting those already written. I'm trying to write more horror, so that's something to look out for in the future! I also want to write more flash fiction, because I've veered away from that recently in favor of longer stories.

Illustration © 2022 Sarah Salcedo

A fierce cough tears its way out of my throat; my fingers clench up, spasming, then go slack, and the bag falls from my grasp. I bend down to pick it up, but another cough grips me, and I almost fall to the gum-speckled, tiled ground. I manage to right myself, but then I feel something snagging in my throat. As a third cough wracks my body, I throw a hand in front of my mouth; hot, wet drops greet it. I pull my hand back, unsurprised at what I see.

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