Thursday 24 February 2022

Micro-interview with Joyce Chng

Welcome to Joyce Chng, illustrator of “Mrs. Daedalus” in The Future Fre #60

TFF: How did you go about illustrating “Mrs. Daedalus”?

JC: I gave the story a once-through, allowing images to rise in my mind. “Mrs Daedalus” has a lot of lovely visuals (and I love the story!). So the moment I had the images in my head, I began sketching them before inking them (with my stylus).

Illustration © 2022, Joyce Chng

TFF: What one lesson would you offer to a budding artist?

JC: To me, I am still budding. I don’t really see myself as pro and my art style is as raw as they come. Something I tell myself constantly, regularly, frequently: don't be afraid to try and fail. And never never never never let age be a stumbling block. (Heh, that's two lessons into one.)

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Marianne Connolly said...

Thank you, Joyce Ching, for illustrating Mrs. Daedalus! I love your style, and your description of your process. Keep on budding :)