Monday 25 November 2019

Mini-interviews with TFF #51 authors and artists

[ Moon palace, © 2019 Katharine A. Viola ]We have conducted our signature very short interviews with some of the artists, authors and poets in TFF issue #51. The questions and answers are posted on FB, but I’ll also list the interviews here as they appear, because I know you don't all follow us over there.
  1. Lisa Cai, author of “Earthgazing”
  2. Saleha Chowdhury, illustrator of “Riddles of Lunacy” and cover artist
  3. Katrina Smith, author of “Hysteria”
  4. Toeken, illustrator of “Billie the Dragon Slayer”
  5. Misha Penton, author of “Shore Pines and Spider Silk”
  6. Jennifer Bushroe, author of the poem “Through the Dark, Persephone Speaks”
  7. Tannara Young, author of “First Breath after Drowning”
  8. Rachel Linn, illustrator of “Inanition”
  9. Eva Papsoulioti, author of the poem “Daughter”
  10. Alexandra Grunberg, author of “Billie the Dragon Slayer”
  11. Rufina Jinju Kang, author of the poem “Riddles of Lunacy”
  12. Kate Kastelein, author of “Inanition” 
  13. Cécile Matthey, illustrator of “Daughter” 
If you do want to see these as they pop up, and other announcements and chats over on the longer-form social media, you can like or follow the TFF FB page. (As you probably know, we’re more active on Twitter.)

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