Sunday 27 October 2019

New issue 2019.51

“Right now the Amazon, home to millions of my relatives, is burning. If it goes on like this, twenty years from now my house will become a desert and my people will be at risk of becoming history. Governments … are not helping. They promote hate-based narratives and a development model that attacks nature and indigenous peoples. These governments are trying to put us in extinction. They are part of the problem.”

—Artemisa Xakriabá

Issue 2019.51

 [ Issue 2019.51; Cover art © 2019 Saleha Chowdhury ] Flash fiction
Short stories

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Lisa Cai said...

So excited to be a part of this issue! I have a write up detailing what influenced my short story on my blog:

Rachel Linn said...

A shout out to Cécile Matthey's visual interpretation of Eva Papasoulioti's poem--I love how these two pieces came together!

Misha said...

So a cool issue to be a part of! Bravi tutti!

KSmith said...

I've been moving and just got a chance to look at the rest of the issue. Wow--so much beautiful lyricism and imagery in these stories! And the final sentence in 'Through the Dark, Persephone Speaks' by Jennifer Bushroe doesn't pull any punches.

Eva Papasoulioti said...

Lovely images in Misha Penton's flash. And I love Joyce Chng's illustration;the colors and the simplicity, so beautiful!

Djibril said...

Alex Brown talks about “Inanition” by Kate Kastelein over at the Tor blog, and recommends it among her top ten stories of the last couple months.