Monday 13 August 2018

New Issue: 2018.46

“No eres ‘provida’ si permites que tus ideas morales y religiosas estén por encima de la seguridad de las mujeres.”

—Beatriz Serrano

[ Issue 2018.46; Cover art © 2018 Eric Asaris ]Issue 2018.46

Short stories

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Lorna said...

I loved "Little Grey Weirdos"!

bean-writer said...

Slowly making my way through these stories! I love Andrea Tang's signature wit and witty characters in "Requiem for Kingkillers and Queenmakers." And Ephiny Gale's "Five Tales of the Rose Palace" is stunning--an intricate, nested story structure that she pulls off with skill. I love the way she unravels and reweaves classic fairy tales into something new and dark and dazzling. (Vanessa Fogg)

Toeken said...

...beautiful story by Carrie Gessner.

Ephiny said...

Great issue! I particularly liked 'A Whisper from the Waves', which had a very appealing concept, and 'Little Grey Weirdos' with its unusual voice.

Djibril said...

Locus Magazine reviewed two of the stories in this issue, “Floaters” and “Requiem for Kingkillers and Queenmakers,” in the November 2018 issue, reprinted at (see last paragraph of that post).

Djibril said...

Stephen Whitehead’s “Echidna”, and Eric Asaris’ cover illustration, are briefly discussed in this piece on crafting in Eidolon magazine.