Monday, 13 August 2018

New Issue: 2018.46

“No eres ‘provida’ si permites que tus ideas morales y religiosas estén por encima de la seguridad de las mujeres.”

—Beatriz Serrano

 [ Issue 2018.46; Cover art © 2018 Eric Asaris ] Issue 2018.46

Short stories

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  1. I loved "Little Grey Weirdos"!

  2. Slowly making my way through these stories! I love Andrea Tang's signature wit and witty characters in "Requiem for Kingkillers and Queenmakers." And Ephiny Gale's "Five Tales of the Rose Palace" is stunning--an intricate, nested story structure that she pulls off with skill. I love the way she unravels and reweaves classic fairy tales into something new and dark and dazzling. (Vanessa Fogg)

  3. ...beautiful story by Carrie Gessner.

  4. Great issue! I particularly liked 'A Whisper from the Waves', which had a very appealing concept, and 'Little Grey Weirdos' with its unusual voice.