Thursday 5 January 2017

#ProblemDaughters Book Club

The editors of the Problem Daughters anthology invite you to join us in a Twitter chat to discuss the project, and to ask the community for recommendations of books, stories, films, or other speculative works that successfully amplify the voices, lives and experiences of marginalized women, such as those who are of color, QUILTBAG, disabled, sex workers, and especially the intersections of these.

The chat will take place on Friday Jan 6, at 2100 UTC (1300 PST; 1600 EST; 0800 Jan 7 AEST). It will run for about an hour, and will be moderated by Elizabeth Fitzgerald of Earl Grey Editing. To find the chat, point your Twitter client or search at the hashtag #ProblemDaughters; to join in, simply make sure that hashtag is included in each tweet you want to share with the rest of the participants.

Please join us!

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