Tuesday 21 February 2012

New Issue 2012.22

I get angry when I hear the word ‘empire’; it reminds me of slavery, it reminds me of thousands of years of brutality, it reminds me of how my foremothers were raped and my forefathers brutalised.
-- Benjamin Zephaniah (on being offered the OBE)

Issue 2012.22 [ Issue 2012.22; Cover art © 2012 Robin E. Kaplan ]
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Unknown said...

Great selection of stories here and the illustrations add to a sterling issue. I particularly liked The Boy Who Shattered Time. I'm a huge devourer of dystopian fiction and this ticks many boxes for me. Done right, time travel is always a fascinating novum and TBWST has a remarkably fresh zing to it.

There are various socio-political topics covered: government, science within society, class and poverty. While I don't think these issues are "dealt" with as the principal theme of the story, they are important components and add interest and depth to the narrative.

M.D. Dunn said...

Thank you for the kind words, Paul.
Thanks for reading.

Djibril said...

Bogi Takacs's flash sf round-up includes a review of Ian Sales's 'A History of the 20th Century, with Illustrations: Atonement'.