Tuesday, 3 January 2023

New Issue: 2023.64

“We need to have a movement that is willing to let everyone speak, to create space, to listen to different voices, to be challenged.”

—Talissa M. Soto

[ Issue 2023.64; Cover art © 2023 Cécile Matthey ]Issue 2023.64

Short stories


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Anonymous said...

Great stuff throughout if I do say so myself. Especially loved Margariti's 'Side Effects May Vary,' which rang painfully true. - Jon O.

Djibril said...

In Strange Horizons' “Short Fiction Treasures”, Maria Haskins includes a lovely short review of The Thousand Tongues of Sara, concluding, ‘Olfert explores language and interspecies communication in an intriguing and entertaining way, and I loved Sara’s ingenuity, her determination, and her curiosity about alien cuisine.’

Anonymous said...

The first story i read in Future Fire wad Purity by Jennifer R. Donahue. Since then I've enjoyed all the stories and poems, but Purity rings in my head. Beautiful magazine.