Tuesday 3 January 2023

New Issue: 2023.64

“We need to have a movement that is willing to let everyone speak, to create space, to listen to different voices, to be challenged.”

—Talissa M. Soto

[ Issue 2023.64; Cover art © 2023 Cécile Matthey ]Issue 2023.64

Short stories


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Anonymous said...

Great stuff throughout if I do say so myself. Especially loved Margariti's 'Side Effects May Vary,' which rang painfully true. - Jon O.

Djibril said...

In Strange Horizons' “Short Fiction Treasures”, Maria Haskins includes a lovely short review of The Thousand Tongues of Sara, concluding, ‘Olfert explores language and interspecies communication in an intriguing and entertaining way, and I loved Sara’s ingenuity, her determination, and her curiosity about alien cuisine.’

Anonymous said...

The first story i read in Future Fire wad Purity by Jennifer R. Donahue. Since then I've enjoyed all the stories and poems, but Purity rings in my head. Beautiful magazine.

Djibril said...

Noah Berlatsky reviews Elizabeth R. McClellan’s “The Later Life of Herr Samsa’s Picture” in Split Lip Mag at quite some depth, seeing in it radicalism, dysphoria, marginalization and liberating transformation. (They title this a “Micro Review”, but it's longer than the work it's reviewing!)

Djibril said...

The Thousand Tongues of Sara also makes it onto Maria Haskins's 2023 Recommended Reading List, along with many other wonderful SFF offerings from that year.