Wednesday 1 June 2022

Mini-interview with Lorraine Wilson

Mini-interview with Lorraine Wilson, author of “The Bone Children and the Darkness” in the Noir Fire anthology.

TFF: What does “The Bone Children and the Darkness” mean to you?

Lorraine Wilson: This story was my exploration of the grey area between villain and victim, looking at apparent monstrousness and apparent justice and seeing whether either of those things were 100% true. I also wanted to take characters who have been made monstrous by others and give them back their agency!

TFF: How rich is the connection between ancient Greek mythology and the modern cultures of the Mediterranean?

LW: I’d go further—Greek mythology is deeply connected to most of Western European culture. It’s taught in schools, used constantly in fiction, the names and idioms have entered our languages. It also contributes to idiotic things like western/British exceptionalism, which is ironic, but there we go.

TFF: Have you ever found or left a message in a bottle? Would you like to?

LW: Marine littering! No!

TFF: What is your favourite museum or art gallery?

LW: The ‘bones’ museum! Aka the Natural History Museum in London. For its contents, for the sheer beauty of the building, and for all my childhood memories of wonder.

TFF: Other than Noir and SF, what two (or more) genres would you like to see smashed together in a future anthology?

LW: I was recently part of an audio flash-fiction anthology Ghostlore created by the Alternative Stories Podcast—a ghost story/folklore mash up and it worked so well! I’d love to see that theme in longer form. Also noir/folklore… basically anything blending folklore into other genres is a win for me!

TFF: What are you working on next?

LW: I’m currently editing a ghostie novella set in Iceland, and about to return to editing my third novel, which is coming out next year.

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