Thursday 3 March 2022

Micro-interview with Josep Lledò

Josep Lledó, illustrator of “Degenerate” in The Future Fire #60 answers a few micro-questions:

TFF: How did you go about illustrating “Degenerate”?

JL: The text was very metaphoric and bizarre. When I read it there immediately came to my mind the image of a figure who is self human, self “degenerated” human. The half-human image corresponds to a picture mounted on the Pioneer probes; that was because the text also suggested me something cosmic.

TFF: What is under your bed?

JL: Actually there are tons of fluff under my bed.

TFF: What else are you working on now?

JL: Despite what I really want, I'm a graphic designer more than an illustrator. I work on book covers, logos and posters, but I always make some time to draw weird stuff.

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