Wednesday 21 April 2021

New Issue: 2021.57

“We all have dreams, and these dreams keep us positive about the future because if we really want to achieve the dreams that we have and the hopes that we have, that means we have to get fighting for the future. So that’s one of my biggest motivations to keep fighting.”

—Vanessa Nakate

[ Issue 2021.57; Cover art © 2021 Cécile Matthey ]Issue 2021.57

Short stories


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Andrew LH said...

I thought "The City, My Love" by Alexandra Seidel was very beautiful.

Djibril said...

Over at Quick Sip Reviews, Charles Payseur reads and comments on a wealth of short fiction this month, including very sensitive short reviews of all the pieces in this issue of TFF. Good words for everyone!

Djibril said...

Maria Haskins's April short fiction roundup has good things to say about Avra Margariti’s “Wives at he End of the World” (and a good number of other short stories from the small press, if you're looking for recommendations…).

Fluffgar Creative/Illustrator said...

I'm biased, of course, but I think Anna Ziegelhof's "Autonomous Dispatch" is very good. I'd be interested in more on those characters.

Djibril said...

In a round up of Short fiction recs from March and April, Vanessa Fogg has good things to say about both Wives at the End of the World (“such a gorgeous, gorgeous piece”) and A Subtle Fire Beneath the Skin (“a wonderful story about the magic of words”). As always, lots of other recommendations from the small press and very sensitive readings in this post.

Djibril said...

Alex Brown’s round-up of Must-Read Speculative Short Fiction for May 2021 over at is glowing in praise for Avra Margariti’s “Wives at the End of the World”, which they call a “bittersweet little romp,” and sum up just perfectly in a few lines.