Sunday 26 June 2016

New Issue 2016.37

“Oui dehors il pleut mais cette pluie est délicieuse.
Dehors la vie est belle, que diable est-elle dangereuse.”

—HK et les Saltimbanks
[ Issue 2016.37; Cover art © 2016 Eric Asaris ]

Issue 2016.37

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Unknown said...

All of the stories, and the poem, are remarkable. I just finished reading them and it's amazing how the images stay with you long after the words are concluded.

Rachel Linn said...

I like how many of the stories in this issue have to do with how our perceptions are filtered through technology in complex ways. For example, in "The Wave," Shannon records experiences she's actually having for the entertainment of other people (but also seems to enjoy the thrill of surfing herself) and in "A Distant Glimpse," Mina sees what seems like a better home through a telescope (is her vision idealized, or is there really hope?). Both stories draw attention to gap between seeing or watching something and really knowing it.

Vanessa Fogg said...

Rachel, thank you so much for your comment on my story! Yes, that's exactly what I was going for--a story which "draws attention to the gap between seeing or watching something and really knowing it." I love that Simon Kewin's story also does this, although in a very different way. Kewin's story was both lovely and heart-breaking. And Rachel, your story was so eerie and surreal and strangely haunting! The image of those seals lingers with me. Priya Sridhar's story was also wonderful--a delightful romp with superheroes! All the work in this issue--including the illustrations--was particularly strong, if I can say that without seeming biased =)

Matencera Wolf said...

Just finished with Porphyria: Dazzle Con Debut’ by Priya Sridhar.
It read like a comic book and was a lot of fun. Although, I would have liked more information on her ability. For example, what are the needles made of that makes them powerful enough to stop bullets?
These are the things that keep me up at night!

Also, I found a typo if you are interested. At onepoint it says: 'Seople screamed,' instead of people screamed.

Looking forward to seeing more :)

Unknown said...

Thank you, Vanessa, Matencera.
The needles are made of durable iron, but I may need to think it through more. Thanks for telling me about the typo!

toeken said...

...There are some sublime tales in this issue and an interesting variety of themes. Of particular note were the tales by Simon Kerwin with his poignant story of MIna and Babat ('A Distant Glimpse') and Vanessa Fogg's 'The Wave' which -to this reader- incorporated elements of the 80's movie 'Brainstorm' and ramped up those ideas while managing to underscore the alienation and disconnect between the 'crew' directly involved in the 'mind-cast'.

toeken said...


Djibril said...

Just spotted this lovely review of all six pieces in TFF #37 by Meryl Stenhouse at The Semiotic Standard.

Djibril said...

The Creative Writing Department of Columbia College Chicago have posted a market report on TFF by Kenneth Rupp which includes brief reviews of Vanessa Fogg's “The Wave” and Priya Sridhar's “Porphyria: Dazzle Con Debut” from this issue, both of which are spoken of very highly.

Djibril said...

Link would be useful:

Djibril said...

Steve Quinn has written about Vanessa Fogg’s "The Wave" in his Short story showcase this week.