Saturday 14 November 2015

TFF-X table of contents

We’re very happy to share the TOC of the anthology celebrating ten years of The Future Fire magazine, which will be out next month in print and e-books from all the usual places. We think you will love TFF-X, as we do, with its mix of stories you may have seen before (if you’ve been reading TFF loyally for the last decade), and many new pieces of irreverent, experimental and unexpected content… We couldn’t have done this without these amazing authors, and especially you beautiful readers. This one’s for you.

Nasmina’s Black Box • Jennifer Marie Brissett
The Taste of Their Dreams • Margo-Lea Hurwicz
Shadow Boy and the Little Match Girl • C.A. Hawksmoor
Flight of a Sparrow • Jocelyn Koehler
What Hath God Wrought? • Neil Carstairs
Fae Visions of the Mediterranean • Valeria Vitale
Reflection • Jessica E. Birch
The Need To Stay the Same • Jo Walton
Bottom Drawer • Brett Savory
Liquid Loyalty, ten years on (poem) • Redfern Jon Barrett
Always Look on the Bright Side • Alison Littlewood
Mermaid Teeth, Witch-Honed • Benjanun Sriduangkaew
Sweet Like Fate • Sara Puls
An Unrecognized Masterwork • Bruce Boston
Je me souviens • Su J. Sokol
Lessons of the Sun (poem) • Joyce Chng
Sophie and Zoe at the End of the World • Rebecca Buchanan
Accessing the Future • Kathryn Allan
Art Attack! • Mark Harding
Slice of Life • Julie Novakova
Half Light House • James Bennett
Lifting the Veil on the Illustrators • compiled by Cécile Matthey, Serge Keller
Drown or Die • Therese Arkenberg
Easy Sweeps of Sky • Melissa Moorer
Always Left Behind • Jack Hollis Marr
Outlaw Bodies (seven prologues and an epilogue) • Lori Selke
Thick on the Wet Cement • Rebecca J. Schwab
Innervation (poem) • Toby MacNutt
Ephemeral Love • Melanie Rees

If you haven’t already seen it, don’t forget to check out the fabulous cover art by Cécile Matthey on our Press Page.

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