Friday 18 September 2015

TFF-X blog carnival recap

A recap of guest posts, interviews and other blog posts that were posted as part of the TFF-X fundraiser during the month of August (thanks to everyone involved!):
  1. Interview in Urban Fantasy Magazine
  2. Interview on Fox Spirit blog
  3. Micro-sequel Monday: “Little Match Girl, ten years on” *
  4. Interview with Joyce Chng
  5. Interview with Djibril by Jocelyn Koehler
  6. Friday Flash: “A Sense of Place” *
  7. Interview with Kathryn Allan at Twinja Book Reviews
  8. Micro-sequel Monday: “Galatea's Stepchildren, ten years on” *
  9. Ernest Hogan, "A Low Ride with Victor Theremin"
  10. Stephanie Saulter interviews Valeria
  11. Blog post at Theaker's Quarterly Fiction
  12. Interview with Richard Thieme
  13. Rebecca Schwab interviews Bruce
  14. Interview with Lori Selke at Apex Books
  15. Friday Flash: “From the Mud, Rising Bravely” *
  16. Djibril's Friday Five at Pornokitsch
  17. Margrét Helgadóttir interviews Cécile Matthey
  18. Su J. Sokol interviews Jennifer Marie Brissett
  19. TFFX writing contest
  20. Micro-sequel Monday: “Good Form, ten years on” *
  21. Quiltbag stories from the last decade
  22. “My Superpower” by Djibril over at Skiffy and Fanty
  23. Alasdair Stuart interviews Valeria
  24. Cécile interviews Rebecca Schwab
  25. Valeria interviews Vanessa Fogg
  26. Friday Flash: “Now Playing” *
  27. Serge interviews James W. Bennett
  28. "Keeping The Future Fire Burning" at Anne E. Johnson's blog
  29. Micro-sequel Monday: Rustwisdom *
  30. Peter Tennant interviews Djibril at "Case Notes"
  31. Re-opened: "Number 10"-themed writing challenge
  32. Tracie interviews Kathryn Allan
  33. Rebecca Buchanan interviews Robin
  34. Friday Flash: Morphic Resonance *
  35. Sunday Sequel: Pirate Stories *
  36. Microfiction Monday: 2084 *
  37. Dennis Upkins interviews Cécile
Look out especially for the micro-sequels posted at this site (marked with * above) which are lovely—and there will be more new material like that in the anthology.

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