Monday 28 July 2014

New Issue: 2014.30

“[Persistence] is a truth that applies to more than writing. It applies to anything that is important, but difficult, important but frightening. We're all capable of climbing so much higher than we usually permit ourselves to suppose. The word, again, is persist!”

—Octavia E. Butler

 [ Issue 2014.30; cover art © 2014 Lou Badillo ] Issue 2014.30

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Thanks for posting a link to Victor Fernando R. Ocampo's "I m d 1 in 10." What a state-of-the-art kick-in-the-ass for the genre! Also a good reminder to download the latest TFF so I can read it on my gadget during my lunch breaks at work next week. I gotta stay hep, y'know . . .

Anonymous said...

I just read Passcodes, by Melinda Brasher. I enjoyed the writing style and the story. I felt like there could be more to this story. Is it part of a series? If so, I would like to read more. This Peter guy sounds like one of those villians that people love to hate