Sunday 30 September 2012

Outlaw Bodies review copies

The Outlaw Bodies speculative fiction anthology is now complete, and will be available to purchase in paperback and e-book in November. In the meantime, if you are a reviewer, a book blogger, or someone else with an audience you'd like to share this news with, we can provide e-book review copies in all common formats.

Details: Lori Selke & Djibril al-Ayad (eds.), Outlaw Bodies. Publishing, 2012. Pp. 167. ISBN 978-0-9573975-0-7. £8.00/$13.00.

Cover blurb: "In this anthology, you will find artists, mothers, and academics; bodies constructed of flesh and of bone, of paper and metal and plastic. Bodies formed of bouncing, buzzing electrons, waves and particles of light. Bodies grown and bodies sewn, glued, folded and sutured. And all of them standing in defiance of the rules and regulations designed to bind them." (from Lori's introduction)

If you might be interested in taking a look at this book—and hopefully writing a review of it—we can provide Kindle (mobi), EPUB or PDF copies. (Print won't be available for a few weeks, and we'll have a limited budget for review copies.) If there's any other information we can provide you with, or if you're interested in an interview or feature of some kind, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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