Wednesday 25 April 2012

Signed books giveaway draw

Several fantastically generous and supremely talented authors have donated signed copies of books for us to give away to help encourage donations to the We See a Different Frontier peerbacker. We're holding a prize draw to let you win one of these titles, and all you need to enter is to back our (very worthy) project—we plan to publish a colonialism-themed anthology of new speculative fiction from outside the first world perspective, guest edited by Fábio Fernandes—to the tune of a few dollars.

  • Kelly Jennings’s Broken Slate (about; donated by Crossed Genres)
  • Catherine Lundoff’s Silver Moon (about)
  • Tim Maughan’s Paintwork (about)
  • Sophia McDougall’s Savage City (3d pt of Romanitas trilogy)
  • Ian Sales’s Adrift on the Sea of Rains (about)
How to enter:

Email or comment to let me know when you donate to the Peerbacker. You will be assigned one "ticket" for every $5 you donate; if this is not your first donation to our appeal, you will receive one extra ticket as a thank you. This is in addition to the usual rewards for donating to peerbacker, of course. If you already own or for any other reason are not interested in receiving one of these titles—e.g. you wrote it!—let me know in advance and I'll try to make sure you get something else if you win. The draw will be made, using the tried and tested method of scraps of paper in a battered top hat drawn out by a disinterested and innocent party, on or shortly after May 1st. Each ticket drawn from the hat will win one of the signed books, to be sent in the mail. Judges' decisions are final, and all other usual disclaimers.

We hope there will be more giveaways and other fun to be had in the next few weeks, so visit this blog or the peerbacker site regularly for updates. If you have anything you'd like to contribute to a future contest, giveaway or promotion, please get in touch!

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