Saturday 14 January 2012

Signal boost: Heiresses of Russ 2012

Signal boosted for Sacchi Green:
Heiresses of Russ, the new annual anthology series created in honor of the late writer, academic, and feminist Joanna Russ, is now taking recommendations for the 2012 edition. We’re looking for lesbian-themed speculative fiction first published in 2011.

The 2011 edition, co-edited by Joselle Vanderhooft, is available now, including work by Ellen Kushner, Tanith Lee, Rachel Swirsky, and other outstanding writers. This year Steve Berman of Lethe Press has invited Connie Wilkins to co-edit the 2012 edition with him. Connie also edited Time Well Bent: Queer Alternative Histories for Lethe Press, and has edited seven anthologies under an alternate name in an alternate genre.

We're looking for the best lesbian-themed speculative fiction published in 2011, with a length limit of 2,000-10,000 words. Science fiction, fantasy, horror, slipstream, interstitital, just plain weird—we'll know it when we see it. We can’t succinctly define superlative writing, either, but we know it when we see it.

Recommendations from readers, authors, and publishers will be welcomed. We don't need the stories themselves just yet, but if we're interested and can't find copies on our own, we'll ask for manuscripts. Only work published in 2011 will be considered.

Our deadline for recommendations is March 15, 2012. The payment for these reprinted stories will be $25 each and two copies of the anthology. Recommendations and queries can be e-mailed to or

If you can't think of any stories to recommend, go forth and read more!


Djibril said...

We discussed lesbian short fiction published in 2011 in the #FeministSF Twitter chat tonight. I took notes as best as possible, and the recommendations I caught were as follows:

* Pretty much everything in: Steam Powered 1 & 2, and Bitten by Moonlight edited by JoSelle Vanderhooft; Hellebore and Rue (ed. JSV and Catherine Lundoff)
* Georgina Bruce, 'Convent Geometry' in Ideomancer
* Amal el-Mohtar, 'To Follow the Wolves' in Steam Powered 1
* AJ Fitzwater, 'Trois' in Khimairal Ink 7.3; id. 'Twixt' in MBrane SF #29
* Rose Lemberg, 'Held Close in Syllables of Light' in Beneath Ceaseless Skies
* Malinda Lo, 'The Fox' in Subterranean
* Catherine Lundoff, 'A Day at the Inn, a Night at the Palace', from A Day at the Inn, a Night at the Palace and other stories (Lethe Press)
* Alex MacFarlane, 'Selin that has Grown in the Desert', in Steam Powered 2
* Sunny Moraine, 'The Thick Night' in Strange Horizons; id. 'For a Song' in Kasma SF
* Shweta Narayam, 'Patishah Begum's Reflections' in Steam Powered 1
* Larisa Walk, 'Blue Dahlia' in Expanded Horizons

Please comment below if you can think of anything else, or if I missed anything that was mentioned. (Or better: send your recommendations direct to Connie W or Sacchi Green, emails above.)

Julia Rios said...

It's actually "To Follow the Waves" by Amal El-Mohtar. PodCastle also has an audio version of that story.

Djibril said...

Ha ha! Would you believe, that error was caused by my reading my own handwriting. (A dying art--but my MS was always abysmal.)

Thanks for the correction.