Outlaw Bodies

2012 Futurefire.net Publishing
Edited by Lori Selke and Djibril al-Ayad
Stories by Anna Caro, Emily Capettini, Fabio Fernandes, Vylar Kaftan, Stacy Sinclair, M. Svairini, Jo Thomas and Tracie Welser
Cover art by Robin E. Kaplan
Critical afterword by Kathryn Allan

Table of contents

An anthology of short stories on the theme of outlaw bodies: how will bodies be controlled in the future? What kinds of bodies, modifications, choices will be repressed (or compulsory)? How does transgressing the norms of body-identity make us who we are? Nine authors explore these themes through speculative stories that touch on gender, sexuality, sexual identity, disability, self-image, prosthetics and robotics.

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Praise for Outlaw Bodies

“For days, the images of gaping mouths, hard steel torsos, and outstretched synthetic arms taunted me.”
Kathryn Allan (Afterword)

“A valuable addition to the tradition of science fictional bodies [...] an invitation to reconsider and perhaps reconfigure our understanding and treatment of bodies in science fiction.”
Tori Truslow (Strange Horizons)

“The stories in this anthology have something to interest or delight, taking the theme into all kinds of fascinating worlds and situations.”
Graham Storrs (NYJB)

“There are sad stories, optimistic stories, stories that please and stories that disturb or even offend.”
Su J Sokol (Amazon)


Lori Selke & Djibril al-Ayad (edd.), Outlaw Bodies: A speculative fiction anthology. Futurefire.net Publishing, 2012. Pp. iv+164. ISBN-print 978-0-9573975-0-7; ISBN-electronic 978-0-9573975-1-4. $10.00/£8.00.

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