Saturday 1 September 2018

Making Monsters blog carnival

For the next few weeks we will be running a series of guest posts, appearing in interviews and panels, and running games and other activities on social media (including some giveaways) to promote the release of the Making Monsters anthology, which is on sale in print and e-book from all good bookstores today. To keep a handle on it all, and for posterity, we’ll be maintaining a list of blog posts and other links here. Please feel free to share individual links, or this page, as widely and in as many venues and media as you like.

Before the anthology was even complete, there were a few posts encouraging people to submit stories:
Micro-interviews with almost all the authors and contributors are going up daily on Facebook: so far we have Annegret Märten; Tom JohnstoneMathilde Skoie; Liz Gloyn; Hûw Steer.  I’m not going to add these every day—go to the TFF FB page to catch the rest.)

And finally the current blog carnival…

All of this is just tasters, of course. For the real goodness, get the Making Monsters anthology in print or e-book now (or ask your local library to order a copy).

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