Monday 30 May 2022

Mini-interview with Storm Blakley

Mini interview with Storm Blakley, author of “Salt and Smoke” in the Noir Fire anthology.

TFF: What does “Salt and Smoke” mean to you?

SB: It’s the first story I’ve ever gotten published, so It will always be special to me. I was honestly unsure my weird little ghost love story would ever find a home, and I’ll forever be grateful to the wonderful folks at Future Fire who took a chance on me.

TFF: Have you ever seen (or otherwise experienced) a ghost?

SB: My childhood best friend grew up in an old farmhouse that made strange, inexplicable sounds, and the family swore it was haunted. We would often hear what sounded like footsteps running up and down the stairs, but maybe it was just the old house settling. Maybe.

TFF: Have you ever tried to write or paint one of your own dreams?

SB: I wish I could! I don’t really remember my dreams; in my whole life, there’s only been a handful. I don’t think in pictures, so that kind of art is difficult for me, but I keep trying to learn how to paint and draw, and maybe one day I’ll improve.

TFF: What is the most terrifying thing about the sea?

SB: All of it! The ocean is absolutely terrifying, in every way; it’s so big, so unknown, unfathomable and indifferent, just chock-full of monsters that could eat me! We’ve mapped more of Mars than we have our own oceans; we know so little about our waters, and that’s a little scary.

TFF: Other than Noir and SF, what two (or more) genres would you like to see smashed together in a future anthology?

SB: Oh, that’s a good one. I think the lines between genres are rather blurry, and there’s fun to be had with any pair or more of genres. I’d honestly be excited for any mash-up, because it will make interesting reading, and it’d be fun to try new things.

TFF: What are you working on next?

SB: Everything! F and SF are my first loves, they’re what got me into reading, so I’m going to keep working on my projects there, but I also want to reach out past my comfort zone, and try new things, because trying new things is what life’s all about!

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