Monday 17 August 2015

Quiltbag stories in TFF

“The Harpy” illustrated by Rebecca Whitaker
You've probably not missed that The Future Fire is this year celebrating a decade of publishing social-political and diverse speculative fiction, and is seeking your help to support us in keeping going for a few more years. In case anyone was wondering what sort of stories we hope to publish in the future, over the next few days we'll list some categories of stories we've published in the past, starting with LGBT or Quiltbag characters and themes. We're especially keen to see more fiction featuring bisexual/pansexual or trans/nonbinary protagonists and themes in the future; anyone have ideas for communities to reach out to for more of this kind of thing?

(It can be hard to categorize stories under simple headings, and I've tried to avoid duplication, so I apologize if anything below is not in the right part of the list, or I've inadvertently omitted anything.) 

Stories with lesbian protagonists or content

Illustration by Robin E. Kaplan

Stories with gay male protagonists or content

Stories with bi/pan/queer protagonists or content

Stories with trans/nonbinary protagonists or content

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  1. I love "A matter of perspective" by T.C. Powell. As a bisexual, it's fascinating to read about someone who lives almost a double life, one life in reality with a wife, and another fantasy one with a man. I love my reality with my boyfriend, but it's fun to imagine a fantasy with a girlfriend. i usually think of my bisexuality as one whole identity, instead of two separate ones