Friday 7 August 2015

Friday Flash: A Sense of Place

A Sense of Place
A Sense All Its Own, ten years on
Sara Patterson

This flash sequel takes place ten years after the events of “A Sense All Its Own”, Sara’s story in Accessing the Future, and was written to celebrate the tenth anniversary of TFF. If you want to see more fiction like this in the future, please support our fundraiser, where you can pre-order the celebration anthology and pick up other exciting rewards.

“Brice!” Nadine’s voice echoed across the garage. “Hurry, your sister’s up next!”

Brice joined his wife in the Gipson family lounge to watch as two cheery announcers exchanged comments after the droid battle replay.

“…and that was Team Victor. And we see the three older brothers there. Still no sign of the youngest though…”

“Haven’t seen Aiden in a battle since the Dragus incident at the Auditions ten years back…”

“Has it been ten years already?”

“Indeed it has, Bob.”

“Wow, it’s getting hard to keep track with all the changes.”

“Well at least one thing hasn’t changed. I know I’m looking forward to seeing Team Victor in this year’s Championships.”

“Absolutely, Jeff.”

The camera shifted back to the broadcast booth where Bob and Jeff floated in cushy hover-chairs. “Well, Bob, we’ve seen some great veteran teams on the roster. But the competition’s not complete without some new players. I’m talking, of course, of the debuting Team Howler. Let’s go live to Shelly, who is interviewing these energetic young pilots.”

The view shifted again, revealing a sophisticated droid garage and Shelly holding a microphone. Behind her the three Howler teammates stood side-by-side, wearing fetching black jumpsuits embossed with their logo. Pitt waved goofily into the camera prompting Meara to smack him. Brice’s sister, Bren, smirked.

Shelly spoke. “I’m here with Captain Brenna Gipson. How are you today, pilot?”

“Well Shelly, considering ten years ago I almost got arrested for doing this, I’d say I’m pretty damn good right now.”

“Fair point. I know I’m certainly glad you decided to change history.”

Bren snorted. “Don’t make it sound so dramatic. I was just trying to do what I love, same as anyone. My crap eyes just made competing more complicated back then.” Bren nodded towards the camera. “The real history-changers are all the fans who rallied against the Droid Battle Committee, and changed their physical limitations policy.”

“I’m sure your supporters agree,” said Shelly. ”And you’ve been through some changes yourself,” The camera zoomed out, revealing Bren’s droid, a polished fennic-hybrid. Its body was black as jet, save for two customized silver fangs welded, criss-cross on its chest. “You have a new droid.”

“Shadowfang,” said Bren. “And it’s not exactly new, just redesigned. Right pal?”
The droid gave a metallic virummm. Bren smiled.

Brice smiled proudly.

“Hey, I recognize that Fennic,” Nadine nudged his ribs.

Brice nodded. “Bren and I re-built old Shadow from the ground up. Except the core.”

Shelly spoke, returning their attention to the screen.

“So Bren, what advice would you give to other pilots in your position?”

“Go kick some ass! And… don’t take anything for granted, especially your family.” Bren looked into the camera. For a moment, Brice felt as though they were in the same room. “You may disagree. You may even annoy the shit out of each other. But without that family support, I never would have made it here.”

Brice smiled, blinking back tears.

Yeah you would have, Bren. But… thanks.

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