Sunday 6 October 2013

Call for participation: WSaDF blog carnival

photo by Ryan Uhrich on Flickr Publishing are running a Blog Carnival over this month and next, to help promote the We See a Different Frontier anthology of speculative fiction from the perspective of the colonized, and encourage and celebrate diversity in science fiction and fantasy in all its forms (and especially the intersection of marginalizations). We shall be featuring interviews with and guest posts by many of the authors and editors, contests and giveaways, and we'll welcome guest posts by other in or with an interest in the underrepresented vertices of the speculative fiction world.

We're calling here for guest bloggers, interviewers, reviewers, bloggers who would like to host guest posts by any of us, and anyone else who'd like to take part in the Carnival in any way. If you'd like to write a short post on any aspect of colonialism or diversity in SF/F for this or another blog taking part in the Carnival; or if you'd like to host a guest post or an interview on your blog; or if you have any other ideas for livening up the party, please do get in touch. (Leave a comment here, or email me, or tweet, etc.) We'd really like this Carnival to help plug other people and projects as well as WSaDF.

We'll keep a list of all relevant posts and other events in a follow-up to this blog post, and announce everything on Twitter using the #WSaDF hashtag.

I'll bring the writers and the beer. What music would you like to put on?

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