Tuesday 26 October 2010

Hadley Rille books

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Open Letter to my favorite bookseller/library (and a heads up to fellow readers!)

Hadley Rille Books is about to celebrate it's 5th year as a small press publisher. With anthologies edited by Gregory Benford and Jay Lake, this publisher is on the vanguard of genre fiction's "Indie scene".

And like Indie music, some of the best novels and story collections come from small publishers like Hadley Rille, who labor, certainly in hopes of financial success, but foremost out of love for and aspirations toward producing great genre fiction.

Here's a chance for you to give this small publisher a chance to shine.

November 29th marks Hadley Rille's 5th anniversary and on that day they are releasing The Aether Age: Helios anthology.

This is an exciting and innovative shared world/ Creative Commons licensed project that imagines an industrialized ancient world, circa 600-100BCE (with more surprises). It includes a detailed time-line, era quotes, and a book club guide to accompany the stories. Each story has an illustrated title page, including some by the cover artist M.S. Corley.

Please consider ordering the anthology in either trade paperback or hardcover versions. Available through Ingram, Baker & Taylor, and Follett (as well as direct from the publisher), fully refundable and with standard discounts. Set up an order directly with the publisher at Pre-orders available now.


One of YOUR fans...

ISBN # ----------------------------------------
978-0-9827256-7-2 Trade Paperback
978-0-9827256-8-9 Hardcover

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